Operation Lily

Born during the 1999 tornadoes that devastated central Oklahoma, Lily came into this world with a bang and still has that special presence about her. Lily’s life took a different turn when, due to family circumstances, she had to be sold in 2014. Through continued communication, Nexus Equine learned that Lily now lived in Pennsylvania.

On October 9th, 2016 Laura awoke with an ever-present feeling concerning Lily. Laura contacted her owner who hated to admit that she had sold Lily. She gave us the contact information for the new owner, and while the Facebook profile looked promising we soon learned Lily had been sold yet again. Laura had also been blocked from the previous owner’s Facebook page. After a long search another member of Nexus Equine happened to find the name of Lily’s new buyer, a horse dealer, likely to ties with the horse slaughter industry. After a long search, Laura found Lily on an auction website, and she was due to be put through the sale ring on Friday, the 14th.

Nexus put out many phone calls to our friends, but our trainers, Lindsay and Alison, volunteered to bring our Lily home. When they finally did see Lily it was clear she was stressed and knew she was not safe. They were told she had been at the auction pens for a week. Lily was later in the sale, but Laura and Rita waited anxiously to see her on the auction’s live stream sale. Others may have bid but we were there to bring her home, no matter the cost!

Finally, after what seemed like forever Lily was ours, and unbeknownst to her, 3 other horses would be coming home as the first 3 horse of Nexus Equine.

While Lily’s story is one of success, she will carry an incredibly important message with her. Her story is why Nexus Equine was created. Nexus provides horses, and especially their owners, with humbling options for such beautiful animals. These decisions could fall on any horse owner, and we want to help before a horse is at risk or put into a life threatening situation. Nexus Equine is there for horses in these situations, and also to help horses shift from one career to another. We had no idea that the first horse that was in dire need of out help would be our own Lily.