Operation Lily (Part 2)

As you know we saved Lily from the beginning of her end in October. She found herself at an Amish owned and run auction house in Pennsylvania that several well known kill buyers were present selling and purchasing horses. We know Lily was in the hands of a kill buyer and/or broker program. We are confident when we say Lily was “in the pipeline.” Meaning she was starting her journey to slaughter. No horse deserves to be in the pipeline. We never thought this would happen to one of our horses, but it did. 

Lily was one of the few horses that had advocates for her and pulled her to safety; most are not as lucky as Lily. She is the perfect example of what is in the pipeline, a healthy horse that is fully capable of many more successful years being ridden and part of one’s family.

The mission of Nexus Equine: To obtain horses before they wind up in circumstances like Lily. Nexus will provide the care and training and help these horses transition into their next career or chapter in their lives.

Together, we can make adoption the best option, but we need your support.

This is Lily awaiting her fate at an auction, her fear and concern is obvious.