Bucking off 2020, galloping into 2021

Dear Friends, 

Oklahoma has the 3rd-highest population of horses in the nation, yet our state does not have enough resources for horses when they fall in need. Nexus Equine was founded in 2016 to provide much-needed support for horses in transition, and to rethink horse welfare in the state of Oklahoma. 

In 4 short years, Nexus Equine has impacted the lives of 550 horses through our programs and initiatives. Then 2020 hit. Many horse-owning Oklahomans fell on hard times due to COVID, increasing the number of horses at risk in our communities. The Nexus team was determined to assist both horses and horse-owners through the pandemic. Through our COVID Relief Program and our ASPCA© partnership we were able to provide much-needed relief to 485 additional horses in our community. That’s 1,035 horses in total that Nexus Equine has been able to keep safe since inception. With the increase of horses needing help, it is our #1 priority to be available when we are needed. 

We have been securing partnerships with other equine organizations and industry partners across the country, and have successfully positioned ourselves to be the premier resource for horses and horse owners in our great state. 

But we know
 we can do more and we need your help in getting there. 

We are asking for your support in helping us get into a facility that allows us to carry out our mission both TODAY AND TOMORROW. A facility that has more usable space with barns, arenas and acreage. 

This year-end, an anonymous donor has presented a match gift of $10,000 if we receive $10,000 in donations. This means your gift can help TWICE as many horses! 

Right now, we’re less than $6,000 away from our goal. Can you help us reach it before 2021?

Please consider partnering with us to better the lives of horses in Oklahoma. Our work is more important than it has ever been. Your gift in these final hours of the year will help us impact even more horses and create programs that provide lasting change and provide life-saving solutions.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

Warm regards,

Rita Hoch
President and CEO

P.S. Piper and Bubbles’ story below is one of the many different situations we were able to help with in 2020 thanks to the support of our generous donors.

2020 Year-End Goal:

Piper and Bubbles
In the summer of 2020, the Best family acquired a sweet mare named Piper. A few weeks later they walked out in the morning to find Piper had a surprise waiting for them: a beautiful black filly! Because of a medical condition Piper had immediate problems being able to take care of her baby. They were transferred to Pine Ridge Equine Hosptial in Owasso, Oklahoma in hopes to save them both. 

Veterinary bills quickly piled up and it became very apparent they were going to need more care than what was financially feasible. Through our Care Connection Fund we were able to help with part of the medical bills to allow Piper and her baby to receive the care they needed. Soon Piper was able to produce milk and Bubbles was able to nurse on her own. Today this beautiful mother and baby are living happily and healthily with their owner.

“I now have a healthy filly with a ton of energy! I named her Bubbles because she has such a bubbly personality. I am not sure Piper or Bubbles would be here if it wasn’t for Dr. Metcaf and staff and Nexus Equine.”
– Kayla Best

Support Horses Like Piper and Bubbles


Dixie and her family – Adopted in 2020!

Nexus Equine is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies solely on donations, grants and bequests. All donations are tax-deductibleFederal ID: 81-1990122 

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Piper a ark brown horse with a white blaze looks into the camera. She is bedding in a barn stall.
Bubbles as a foal in a field with blue sky behind and brown field