Introducing the Barn Buddies Program

Did you know that one of the easiest and most impactful ways you can support Nexus Equine is by joining our Barn Buddies Monthly Donor Program?

We are excited to announce the official launch of our Barn Buddies Program. A monthly gift of $10, $20, $50, or $100 made easily through a pre-set bank account withdrawal or credit card transaction can reliably ensure Nexus Equine remains financially sustainable long-term. Our goal is to grow our Barn Buddies Program to the point where a good portion of the monthly operation costs such as feed, hay and medication are automatically covered for the horses in our care. When the Nexus team isn’t faced with working hard each month to raise funds for operating costs, they have more time to provide hands-on care for the program horses. 

The Barn Buddies Program is a win/win for everyone. It provides an easy, automatic and on-going way for our donors to support us, and it creates ease of mind for our incredible employees and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide care for at-risk Oklahoma horses. In addition, when you join the Barn Buddies Program you will get insider access to special events on the farm, specialized newsletters and fun Nexus gift items that you can enjoy at home. 

Healthy non-profit organizations rely heavily on robust monthly donor programs to subsidize their daily operating expenses. Typically, newer non-profits depend on major gifts or foundation support to fund their annual operations. As an organization matures and the development program grows, rapid growth in smaller individual gift amounts becomes important for long-term financial stability. One of the best ways to secure dependable monthly income through individual gifts is through the development and launch of a monthly donor program. 

Please consider joining our Barn Buddies Program at whatever level is comfortable for you personally, and sleep well at night knowing that you are part of creating safety nets for Oklahoma’s vulnerable horses. 

Here’s an example of the impact your monthly commitment will have:

– $5 can feed a horse for a day
– $10
can microchip a horse
– $20
can provide a bag of grain for ten horses
– $50
can provide a month of hay, farrier hoof trim, or vet exam
– $100
can fully vaccinate a horse for a year