About Us

Nexus Equine was founded in 2016 to serve Oklahoma horses.

The primary desired impact is to reduce the number of at-risk horses through education, outreach and adoption. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and funded solely on donations and grants. Nexus is a limited intake program and is not a sanctuary.

We believe there are times when horses find themselves in at-risk situations and need outside support and resources. Quite often, these are younger healthier horses who have a great potential for a second career or new chapter in their lives. Nexus provides assessment and training to every horse in our adoption program. As a result, all horses have a specific individually designed program that promotes the highest potential of each horse.

The final step in our adoption process is matching the right person with the right horse, creating positive outcomes for the equine community. Horses need resources and support when they are no longer appropriate for current discipline or environment. Nexus provides those option either by putting horses in our adoption and transport programs OR by providing assistance to horse owners with veterinary and farrier care so that horses can remain at home.

Nexus collaborates and partners with other equine organizations, horse and breed associations, national animal welfare organizations and horse enthusiasts on a local and national level to help horses more efficiently and effectively. Our team works hard to help Oklahoma horses—check out recent news coverage, press releases, and social media posts about our efforts in the News Center.

Help us help Oklahoma horses! Donate, volunteer, foster a horse, host a fundraiser, or contact us.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

Connecting People to Horses

We foster relationships between horses and the community through our youth-focused 4-H Equine Makeover program as well as through events and collaborations.

Our Mission

Facilitate alternatives for horses and owners through innovative opportunities and outreach.

We support horse owners in need through our Care Connection Fund, Take Two Leasing, and transport programs, and take in at-risk horses through re-homing and Rita’s Equine Angel Fund.

Core Values
  1. We strive to increase the appreciation of horses
  2. We value the versatility and adaptability of horses
  3. We prepare horses for a new chapter in their lives
  4. We connect people & horses in Oklahoma & beyond