Care Connection Fund Application

The Care Connection Fund was designed to provide Oklahoma’s horse owners financial assistance with veterinary care and other health services that might not otherwise be financially feasible. The financial assistance offered through this program allows horses to receive the care they need while also giving owners the option to keep their horses in their home. Nexus collaborates with equine health professionals across Oklahoma to take a team-based approach in finding the best solution for each horse in this program. We also offer a Hay Bank when funds are available.

If you’d like to make a donation to support Oklahoma horse owners, please make a gift through our secure online donation form and type in “Care Connection Fund” in the dedication.

To be considered for this program, please review and follow the guidelines below:

1. Applicant must be seen by a veterinarian before an application can be submitted.

2. As part of the application process, an itemized cost sheet and description of procedure must be submitted.

3. Nexus Equine will not provide funding for long term care. Most instances will be for no more than 30 days and will not be provided for multiple instances of treatment or elective procedures.

4. Nexus Equine does NOT reimburse the cost of veterinary care if procedures have already been performed and/or paid for.

5. Nexus Equine does not provide funding for a past due bill so that an animal can be released from a veterinary clinic.

6. Nexus Equine limits funding to one (1) instance per twelve (12) month period per horse beginning from date funding is provided per household. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

7. Nexus Equine requires adequate living conditions for an animal after the procedure is performed, i.e. shelter, fenced pasture, food, and water.

8. Owner agrees to provide photos of their animal before and after the procedure is performed and agrees to allow Nexus Equine to use any images submitted at its discretion.

9. Owner agrees to have images and information from their case used as a fundraising tool and to provide additional information including filmed interviews if funding is provided.

10. Nexus Equine is not responsible for the loss of an animal due to any procedure performed.

If you feel you meet these guidelines and have completed all necessary steps, please fill out and submit the following application:

Please answer all questions below. Submission of this form is not a guarantee of funding. A decision will be made within 48 hours of receiving this application. In emergency situations, this process will be expedited.