Community Connection Program

The Community Connection Program is a new vision for Nexus that started not long ago. That vision was made into a reality in April of 2022. The connection that people have with horses is an incredible experience if one has the opportunity to interact. It is important to further our mission by making these phenomenal opportunities available to others. Interactions that otherwise might not be available if not offered by Nexus. This approach raises awareness of how incredible these animals truly are while also providing what might be a life changing experience for people. This inspired Nexus to strengthen and expand this program and make it available to other organizations across Oklahoma.

Partnerships for this innovative program include Police Athletic League of the Oklahoma City Police Department and Center of Family Love, Okarche, OK. 

Nexus promotes the Community Connection Program as an educational tool. An opportunity for others to learn new skills, and foster new relationships. Nexus strives for these experiences to be possible life changing experiences and stepping stones to future development.

“Horses don’t judge and have no expectations when interacting with people. Every person in this program is met where they are and we believe that this is very comforting and inviting to those that participate.”

Rita Hoch, President and CEO

Just think about how profound it is to interact with a 1000 pound animal. And how this animal responds to you and does what you ask. What a wonderful and unique way to build self-esteem, increase confidence, patience, empathy and so much more.

Please fill out the form below for more information on bringing an organization to Nexus to participate in this extraordinary program:

We believe:

Connecting the community for good

Encourages lifelong learning

Engages kids in high quality educational experiences

Improve the quality of lives of Oklahomans

Promotes the cultural experience through horses.