Make A Gift In Honor or Memory of a Loved One

Celebrate a beloved one by making an Honorary or Memorial gift to Nexus Equine

We have created a program to honor our loved ones and our pets.

Donating to Nexus Equine is a wonderful way to honor the special beings in your life. Not only will your gift express your love—it’ll also help us help Oklahoma horses in need.

If you know someone that you’d like to make a donation in memory or in honor of, please complete the linked donation form and provide the name of your loved one.


In memory of Jeff Hamilton


from Will and Rita Hoch

In memory of Harry Woods


from Will and Rita Hoch

In memory of Louie Hoch

from Will and Rita Hoch

In memory of Roxie, the beloved family dog of Ray and Teresa Trammell

In memory of Gonzo, precious dog of Cheryl Steckler

In memory of Jake, awesome dog belonging to Gayl Leichner

In honor of Tim and Kim Lindsey, Happy 25th Anniversary

from Jimmie Massey

In Memory of Pink

from Jessica Gleason, Director of Operations, Nexus Equine

In honor of Chloe and Big Red

from Linda Davis

In memory of Casey Cooke

from Kelly Cooke

In honor of Christy Counts

from Amy Shrodes

Derek Minter tribute photo for Nexus Equine

In memory of Derek Minter

from Debbie and Jeff Minter

In honor of recent marriage: Taylor and Chris Beal

In Memory of Len Erikson

In Memory of Tom Allen

from Emily Allen

In Memory of Abby

from Emma Allee

In honor of the Amazing Team At Nexus!

from Tom Persechino

In honor of Rita Hoch

from Christy Counts & Ben Morton, and Jessica Gleason

In honor of PJ & Jay Richards

from Larry Lutz

In honor of Melissa Trimble

from Linda Trimble

In honor of Jessica Gleason

from Christy Counts

White spotted Appaloosa horse - black an white photo

In honor of Nate

from Darcy Studebaker

In honor of Becky Roberts

from David Clark

In honor of Rita Hoch—Happy Birthday!

from Randy Macon and Cathy Scozo-Blackburn

In memory of Sully

from Gale Wood

In honor of Jim Lindsey

from Rita and Will Hoch

In honor of Chestley Mooney

from Rita and Will Hoch

In honor of Grace and Frankie

from Kelly Fry

In honor of Raggedy Ann

from Kathy Judge and Lynda Smithschick

In honor of Josh Gleason

from Crystal Gonzalez

In memory of Chris Kent Thomas

from Darcy Studebaker