Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover

Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover in the news: Equine rescue, 4-H members from across Oklahoma team up for project to rehab, rehome horses

— Many thanks to our sponsors for their support! —

Applications are now CLOSED for Round 3 of the Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover.

Day one: March 27, 2021
Day 90: June 26, 2021

This year we will be making changes to the Oklahoma 4-H Makeover:

  • We may have two different categories; each category may have a Champion, with the possibility of each winning a scholarship.
  • Hay and basic farrier trims will NOT be reimbursed this year.
  • Every horse will be leaving with feed for the 90 days. 

The Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover is presented by Nexus Equine with the support of some generous sponsors. Nexus Equine collaborates and partners with other equine organizations, horse and breed associations, national animal welfare organizations and horse enthusiasts on a local and national level to be able to help horses more efficiently and effectively.

The primary desired impact is to reduce the number of at-risk horses through education, outreach and adoption. Nexus Equine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and funded solely on donations and grants. Nexus is a limited intake program and is not a sanctuary. The Mission of Nexus Equine is to facilitate alternatives for horses and owners through innovative opportunities and outreach.

Eligibility requirements to apply include the youth being at least 13 years old and being an active Oklahoma 4-H member that has participated or is enrolled in one or more of the following 4-H Horse educational events and contests:

● Horse Communication Contest
● 4-H State Judging Contest
● Statewide 4-H Family Horse Camp
● 4-H Cowhorse Clinic
● Equine Education Extravaganza
● 4-H Round Up
● Horse Science Academy

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Check out dates for qualifying events here!

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals and narrowed down to up to 20 finalists (ten in each category). The finalists will be paired with a horse to participate in the 90-Day challenge. The parent/guardian will be required to adopt the horse on “Day 1.” All horses in the program will be up to date on all vaccinations, farrier work and microchipped. Participants and parent/guardians are required to be present on “Day 1” to receive the horse, complete the initial evaluation before the panel of judges, and set goals for the 90-Day Challenge. Participants will be required to keep financial records as well as a goal and objective training record.

Nexus Equine has arranged transportation assistance for the horses to those that need it. Nexus will also identify mentors to assist all of the participants during the 90-Day Challenge.

All participants will be required to present their equine on “Day 90” to the original panel of judges. The judges will review the individualized goals (set forth on Day 1), the record book and the partnership created in the 90-Day Challenge. A $1,500 Scholarship will be awarded, as well as many other awards & prizes to participants.

These prizes are in addition to each finalist getting the option to keep (own) the horse, or the horse may be returned back to Nexus Equine for adoption.


March 1st, 2021 – Application deadline

March 27th, 2021 – “Day 1/Round 3” The 20 Finalists will be presented their equine at The Heritage Place in Oklahoma City

June 26th, 2021 – “Day 90/Round 3 Finale” The 20 Finalists will demonstrate their accomplishments to the panel of judges and be evaluated. The Finale will be held at Heritage Place in Oklahoma City.


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