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The Nexus Adoption Program has an intensive focus on training, both ground manners and riding suitability. Each horse brought into our program will be evaluated by professional trainers to determine what discipline will be best suited for training. Our horses will receive daily skills training until they are ready for adoption. Our trainers are committed to finding the right fit in our horses for each prospective adopter and look forward to making each match into a forever home. Post adoption counseling and training support will be available for each adopter so that continued success is achieved throughout the lifetime of the horse. In the event a horse needs to be returned, Nexus will take the horse back at any point in his/her life. 

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To make an impact on more horses in our community, Nexus has partnered with the Denver Dumb Friends League’s Harmony Equine Center, the Humane Society of North Texas, the SPCA of North Texas, and This Old Horse in Minnesota. These organizations have expansive adoption programs, but need the horses that we can provide to accommodate their waiting list of potential adopters. Like our local adoption program described above, our transport partners work to create a connection between the right horse and the right adopter. If you have a horse that you feel would be a good fit for Nexus’ transport program, contact us.

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Care Connection Fund

The Care Connection Fund was designed to provide Oklahoma’s horse owners financial assistance with veterinary care and other health services that might not otherwise be financially feasible. The financial assistance offered through this program allows horses to receive the care they need while also giving owners the option to keep their horses in their home. Nexus collaborates with equine health professionals across Oklahoma to take a team-based approach in finding the best solution for each horse in this program.

**Admission is by veterinary referral only.

Two bay horses (one with a wider white blaze) stare at the camera

Take Two Leasing

We created “Take Two” to be a resource for higher value horses and their owners who might need an alternative when a horse hasn’t sold but needs to transition to a new owner. Horses are accepted into this program and then leased so that a new person can have a wonderful opportunity that they might not have had otherwise.

A young person leads a brown horse with white blaze on their halter

Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover Challenge

This program is a collaboration between Oklahoma State 4-H and Nexus. This is an opportunity to showcase Nexus horses over a 90 Day period allowing horses to receive training and learn new skills by the 4-H youth. At the end of the 90 Days, each team presents the progress they have accomplished during the time period. The winner receives a $1,500 scholarship. Creativity and innovation in programmatic development increases the Nexus impact for horses and people in our communities. 

BRIDGE Program

Our Equine Training Manager, Katrina Van Diest, has thoughtfully selected a group of teen horse enthusiasts and created a program that includes youth and Nexus horses. Under Katrina’s guidance, Nexus horses and teens work together, developing horsemanship skills with an end goal of finding these horses their home. The kids get an opportunity to work with a variety of horses at different skill levels, and the horses get a chance to be worked with by kids in different disciplines. Connecting people and horses—that is at the heart of what we do.

Rita’s Equine Angel Fund

This fund created in 2018 provides necessary veterinary services above and beyond what we normally do when preparing a horse for adoption.

Community Connection Program

The Community Connection Program is a new vision for Nexus that started not long ago.