Success Stories

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Success Stories from 2020

Jay & Della

Sometimes, connections are formed that go deeper than words can describe.

Meet our friend, Jay Richards. He and his wife, PJ, started fostering for Nexus in July 2020. They decided on fostering a senior mare named Della, who has been waiting for her home a very long time.

The bond was immediately apparent. Jay looked forward to going out each and every morning to feed and groom her and Della enjoyed the consistent companionship Jay selflessly provided to her. Before long, pictures like this became commonplace.

Bonds such as this are incalculable and never predictable. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to place these two together for this priceless friendship. A win-win on every level.

Thank you Jay, for giving Della this incredible life and love. Animals have the ability to bestow a joy and peacefulness that rivals even the closest human relationships in our lives. This is the perfect example of why we do what we do….

The Trimble Family & Spartacus

“Back in late June 2020, my husband looked out into one of our pastures and said that our 24-year-old Morgan, Knight, looked lonely and he needed a friend. Within a short few minutes of visiting Nexus Equine’s barn, I knew a flaxen-mane mini named “Spartacus” was the one for us. Spartacus has been wonderful, and is always nearby or in the middle of whatever we are doing. As time has gone on his personality has truly blossomed.

When we were thinking about adoption, never in my life did I think I would be so smitten with an animal. Spartacus is truly a member of our family, but more importantly, we are a part of the Nexus family. I urge anyone who is looking for a companion for their four-legged friend or even for themselves, look at Nexus Equine.

Our family has forever been changed since bringing Spartacus into our lives.”

— Chad & Melissa Trimble and Spartacus

Kayla & Bubbles + Piper

In the summer of 2020 the Best family acquired a sweet mare named Piper. One morning, a few weeks later, they walked out to find Piper had a surprise waiting for them: a beautiful black filly!! Because of her medical condition she had immediate problems being able to take care of her baby. They were transferred to Pine Ridge Equine Hospital in Owasso, Oklahoma in hopes to save them both.

Veterinary bills quickly piled up and it became very apparent they were going to need more care than what was financially feasible. Through our Care Connection Fund we were able to help with part of the medical bills to allow Piper and her baby to receive the care they needed. Soon enough Piper was able to produce milk and Bubbles was able to nurse on her own. Today this beautiful mother and baby are living happily and healthily with their owner Kayla Best; this would have not been possible without the Nexus Care Connection Fund.

“I ended up naming her Bubbles because she has such a bubbly personality! I have been working with her on lifting all of her feet up as well as walking on a lead. She has done fantastic and now lifts all of her feet for me.”

— Kayla

New Beginnings from 2019

The Witt Family & Hancho

The Witt Family adopted Hancho for their daughter. It was love at first sight! Hancho is a young, easygoing guy that just loves attention and affection. He has an old injury that prevented many from adopting him, but this family fell in love with him. They were referred to us by a family that participated in the second round of the 4-H Equine Makeover.

Chloe & Big Red

Big Red was partnered with Chloe for the first ever Oklahoma 4-H Equine Makeover Challenge. When Big Red first came to Nexus, he had been left out in a pasture with no care. After Nexus rescued him, we decided to put him in the challenge to show how a horse can recover with the right training partner! He’s now learning to paint on canvas. Chloe says Big Red made an impact in her life by teaching her patience and care. Follow them on Facebook: @bigredsjourney

The Dangora Family & April

The Dangora Family adopted April this year. April came to Nexus with a traveling history—she was born in Germany, and then moved to the US with her owner. Her owner needed to move back to Germany, and after a lot of research, decided that Nexus was the place that would be the best for her beloved horse. She’s been wonderful with the kids!

Mackenzie & King

King and Mackenzie loved to hit the trails and win ribbons in Ranch Riding Classes, until he was diagnosed with hock arthritis and needed injections to be able to continue doing what he loved. Thanks to the Care Connection Fund, King and Mackenzie are back to enjoying their time together on the trails!

Kristin & Burt

Burt came to us from a very sad and neglectful situation. Throughout his rehabilitation, he was always his gracious and soulful self—he trusted us to do right by him, and we did just that. Burt now lives with Kristin and is living his best life.

Josh & Twister

Josh utilized the Care Connection Fund to get help for Twister after she was injured from getting caught in a fence. Without this assistance, he would have been faced with the choice of euthanasia for Twister. Thanks to the support of generous donors, we were able to provide the care Twister needed to save her life. We’re happy to report that they’re riding together again, and that Twister remains in good health.

Mackayla & Aubrey

Makayla and Aubrey teamed up to complete the Oklahoma 4-H Nexus Equine Makeover. Makayla worked with Aubrey for 90 days to prepare for the challenge, and they walked away as the Grand Champions! Makayla won a $1,500 scholarship and decided to adopt Aubrey. Together they are unstoppable!


The Oleary Family & Joe + Wanda

The Oleary Family adopted Joe and Wanda from Nexus Equine. Joe is a retired Off-the-Track Quarter Horse whose job now is pleasure riding with his family members. Wanda and their son Tanner make a great team working cattle and performing at 4-H events together. They live in Texas.

The Young Family & Indy

Indy is a 32-year-old Arabian—the star of our holiday cards last year—who is the second Nexus horse adopted by the Youngs. They have two children that Indy loves to spend time with. We’re thrilled that this senior gentleman has found his home! They live in Piedmont.

New Beginnings from 2018

Sugar Ray and Alyssa

Sugar Ray and Alyssa

An important goal of Nexus is bringing new people into horse ownership. Sugar Ray came to Nexus as a well-trained show horse that wasn’t being ridden and needed a new job with a new person. Alyssa has always loved horses but had not yet had the opportunity to own one. Alyssa adopted Sugar Ray, creating a win-win situation. Sugar Ray has a new purpose and Alyssa’s dreams of owning a horse came true. Watch out for these two—they will do great things together.

Wilbur + Charlie & the Connor Family

Wilbur + Charlie & the Connor Family

Wilbur and Charlie came into Nexus Equine essentially unhandled with lots of fear. It was obvious they certainly deserved a chance, and after much time, patience and effort, these two transformed into wonderful loving companions. They love to be loved on and now have a strong desire to be with their people. Charlie and Wilbur now live in Massachusetts and are faithful loving members of the Connor family.

Moxie and Maddie

Moxie and Maddie

Maddie’s love for horses runs deep in her family. Her mom has a long history of owning and showing horses, so it only makes sense that Maddie would too. Being only 6 and just learning to ride, Maddie needed a horse that would help develop her confidence and skills. Then in walks Moxie. Moxie is a veteran of the horse show world and with his temperament, skill and consistency, he was the perfect match for Maddie. Watch out world, great things to come with this duo!!

Gianni and Kacy

Gianni and Kacy

Appealing Style, aka Gianni spent the first years of his life on the Thoroughbred racetrack. After an injury, he was not able to race any longer but had tremendous potential for a second career. That’s when Kacy Schnake stepped in. Kacy adopted Gianni in December 2017 and they have become quite the pair. They are working together on eventing, Hunter/Jumper classes and dressage and will begin showing at recognized events in 2019. Gianni is the perfect example that retired race horses have great potential for other careers once they’re off the track. Good luck Kacy and Gianni!!

Tony’s Hope and Jules

Tony’s Hope and Jules

Tony’s Hope came into Nexus after years of being idle, but he was full of life and ready to take on his new chapter. Upon meeting Jules, it was obvious there was an instant bond. Jules worked for Nexus, so every day it became more apparent they belonged together. After working together for some time, finally the decision was made that Tony needed to live with Jules, and that is exactly what happened. Today, they live in Fort Scott, Kansas, competing in the college rodeo circuits. Good luck Jules and Tony!!

Cupid and Mackey

Cupid and Mackey

Mackey, like many girls, absolutely loves horses and had dreams of owning her own horse. Well, this past birthday, her dreams came true. She had no idea that when she was opening her presents, they were actually clues for her to figure out. What she figured out was SHE WAS GETTING A HORSE FOR HER BIRTHDAY!!! Her family reached out to Nexus to see if the perfect horse for Mackey could be found. Nexus introduced retired Thoroughbred, He Knows Better, aka Cupid, to the family. Well, it was love at first sight. Mackey and Cupid are now working on low level jumping and flat classes and will be competing soon. Her mother summed it up perfectly: “She is enamored and he is so sweet.” That is the definition of a successful adoption.

Goose and Carrie

Goose and Carrie

Afleet Jay, aka Goose, is a retired Thoroughbred from the race track. While he wasn’t able to race anymore, it was a priority to his owner that he be in a loving home and pursue a second career. He had a lot of life and love to give, but needed someone to give it to. Then he met Carrie. Carrie agreed to foster Goose, give him some time off and help Nexus find his new home. Well, Goose never left—as Carrie fell in love with him and they were the perfect match. In her words: “Goose is my go-to guy. I am going through a divorce, lots of hard times. He loves me as much as I love him. Goose saves my heart every day and has helped me beyond what I have done for him.”