The Care Connection fund that Nexus Equine offers is one of a kind and literally life saving for horses. The relief, hope, and gratitude these owners experience with Nexus Equine is humbling. With their financial assistance, it allows us veterinarians to continue doing what we love most, saving the horse.

Shelby Matz, DVM Pine Ridge Equine Hospital in Glenpool, OK

Back in late June 2020, my husband looked out into one of our pastures and said that our 24-year-old Morgan, Knight, looked lonely and he needed a friend. Within a short few minutes of visiting Nexus Equine’s barn, I knew a flaxen-mane mini named “Spartacus” was the one for us. Spartacus has been wonderful, and is always nearby or in the middle of whatever we are doing. As time has gone on his personality has truly blossomed.

When we were thinking about adoption, never in my life did I think I would be so smitten with an animal. Spartacus is truly a member of our family, but more importantly, we are a part of the Nexus family. I urge anyone who is looking for a companion for their four-legged friend or even for themselves, look at Nexus Equine.

Our family has forever been changed since bringing Spartacus into our lives.

Chad & Melissa Trimble

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