We’re looking for helping hands to make a difference in the lives of horses!

Welcome Future Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Nexus Equine!

We recognize that in order to be successful in our endeavors, we need people with a willingness to help and a love of horses. Here at Nexus we call our volunteers “Filly’s” and “Colt’s”; they are an integral part of our ranch’s life support, and our vision for connecting horses and people. There are many ways for you to be involved at Nexus Equine and we cannot wait to share those, but first a little bit about us.

Nexus Equine was founded in 2016 to serve Oklahoma horses. Our primary desired impact is to reduce the number of at-risk horses through education, outreach, and adoption. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and funded solely on donations and grants. Nexus collaborates with other equine organizations, horse and breed associations, national animal welfare organizations and horse enthusiasts on a local and national level to help horses more efficiently and effectively. Nexus is a limited intake program and is not a sanctuary. We understand that in some cases we can only provide comfort care to horses in need. 

Now, let’s get straight out of the gate! We have never-ending barn chores, horse handling, community outreach programs, fundraising events, and more that our Filly’s and Colt’s can look forward to when volunteering at Nexus Equine. Attached is a volunteer application, volunteer manual, and release of liability form. Please complete the following documents down below.

We know there are other places in need and we thank you again for choosing to volunteer at Nexus Equine.


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Rita Hoch
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Across the Board

This is a working horse ranch and some volunteer duties are more physical than others. Please read and sign the Release of Liability, and disclose any physical limitations. If you are unable to meet the physical requirements listed, we invite you to volunteer at one of our Community Events!

  • The minimum age for volunteering is 16 years old. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present for their first time volunteering at Nexus.
  • Sign up for future appointments at the barn.
  • All acceptances of volunteer work are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Backgrounds will include Criminal History, Motor Vehicles Records, and more. In instances where negative or incomplete information is obtained, the appropriate management will assess the potential risks and liabilities related to the volunteer requirements and determine whether the individual should be engaged as a volunteer. Nexus reserves the right to terminate any volunteer for any reason. If your volunteer services are no longer needed, you will be notified by letter.
  • Physical requirements include lifting up to 25 pounds, standing for prolonged periods, standard barn tasks such as cleaning feed and water buckets, cleaning stalls and picking runs and pasture, general barn organization and cleaning, and assisting with special projects as needed.
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of Ranch Rules and Guidelines is required.

Ranch Rules

All staff, visitors, and volunteers will abide by the Nexus Equine rules and guidelines. Unsafe or unacceptable behavior can result in your immediate withdrawal from the property or volunteer program. To make Nexus Equine safe we ask everyone to observe these safety and etiquette rules:

  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs will be asked to leave the property.
  • Anything normally prohibited by law in public places is not allowed.
  • Appropriate clothing and closed toed footwear is required when working with horses or in barns.
  • Do not feed any animals unless permitted 
  • Harassment of horse or wildlife is prohibited.
  • Motorized or fully-electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or ATV’s are prohibited outside of normal parking areas unless authorized.
  • Remote-controlled devices, e.g., drones and model aircraft, are prohibited unless authorized.
  • Report all accidents or injuries to a staff member immediately and dial 911 when appropriate.
  • Rude language and offensive statements will not be tolerated.
  • Smoking, fires, firearms, hunting, weapons of any kind, and camping are prohibited.
  • Solicitation and posting of signs are prohibited.
  • Special events, e.g., weddings, memorials, etc. for any group requires a permit. Please contact Rita Hoch for details.

Filly and Colt Guidelines

  • Social Media Is our friend and we encourage you to post pictures and share your experiences at Nexus Equine. However, some of our animals with in our care cannot be shared on social media. Please ask staff for approval before posting pictures or videos to any friends or social media sites.
  • See Something, Say SomethingIf you see an animal in distress, report your location and findings to a staff member immediately. 
  • Attire: While volunteering on the property you must wear closed toed shoes, pants or knee length shorts. Volunteering for Community Events will require a Nexus Equine shirt. 
  • Facebook Community:  Be sure to request admission to our Nexus Equine Volunteer group which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/353876302065185/ . Updates will be posted here. 
  • Required Community Service: School, or court ordered volunteers must follow the same Ranch Rules and Guidelines. Always inform staff prior to starting your service hours. *Not all types of community service are accepted.

Win, Place, or Show

There are three categories of skill assigned to volunteers; Win, Place and Show. To qualify, a Filly will complete ten hours of work in their current level, then demonstrate their skills to a staff member to advance.

Win — Very Experienced

Unsupervised contact with horses. General tasks include, warm-up/cool down training, saddling/brindling training, quarantine training, putting tack on horses, and other advanced horse care and training.

Place — Some Experience

Supervised contact with horses and all horses will be handled by or with an employee at all times. General tasks include, feeding horses, moving and handling horses for grooming, medication training, and handling assistance with vet/farrier/dentist.

Show — No Experience

No unsupervised contact with horses and all horses will be handled by an employee at all times. General barn tasks such as cleaning feed bins and trash cans, organizing, raking, unloading of items, mending fences, mucking stalls/pens.

Our Education Includes but is not limited to:

  • Equine anatomy
  • Understanding behavior and how to have safe interactions
  • Evaluating equines for signs of colic, fever, dehydration, strangles, and other medical
  • Understanding feeding schedules, amounts, and supplements for different breeds
  • Quarantine education and interaction with horses who have contagious diseases
  • Other education as identified

Ask us about our various volunteer opportunities within the community!

We’ll need a signed liability waiver from any volunteers before working with the horses. If you want to get a headstart, fill out this form to bring with you to Nexus Equine and save time.

Volunteer Application

For volunteer appreciation purposes
For volunteer appreciation purposes